Takahe Bird

Web Design & Development

The Takahe Bird project from the module Narrative and Storytelling this module considers how concepts like art direction, pacing and narrative can be used to control the flow through information. Through the creation of a piece of narrative web-based content, I was taught the dynamics of design as it unfolds like a story, across frames and over time as can be seen in my project. I was provided with an existing piece of content, which I have carefully developed to include a broad range of content types. I then developed a single page web site, where the use of narrative and storytelling is brought to the fore. The content is sectioned, with various asides, maps and charts, allowing for considerable creative interpretation which I have added with the responsiveness of the site as well as the left to right scroll as usual would go from top to bottom.

Programs used:

Client: Ulster University Date: May 2018 Service: Web Design & Development