Been There Done That

App Design

The brief for this project was to create and design a travel mobile app with set height and width dimensions. This project was part of a Design module – Imaging & Data Visualisation within University which I wanted to expand further and add to. The concept of the application was almost like a “Travel Checklist” a very basic concept that with more time could be developed further. The idea to make use of the devices GPS feature and embed this in the application based on where you are in the world, this will this display information about that town or city upon opening the app, you can choose to also explore different areas and find out a brief history of them. The first time you visit a new location a timestamp will then be taken, and you will be able to see this on a world map screen in the app, as well as this placed you have visited will come up in a list and users can also create a checklist of places they wish to visit.

Programs used:

Client: Ulster University Date: Feb 2017 Service: Illustration / App design